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a film by

Huw Wahl

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Huw Wahl is a filmmaker and artist who has earned international recognition and showcased his award-winning work globally. With funding grants from organisations like The Henry Moore Foundation, Arts Council England and the RPS, he uses the medium of analogue film to explore the transformative potential of creative action. Huw is driven by his belief in film’s power to open experiences and ideas for communal change. His last film The Republics (2020), made in collaboration with the poet Stephen Watts, premiered at CPH:DOX and went on to screen internationally. He was introduced to sailing by his sister Rose Ravetz on her boat, Defiance, where he was struck by the poetic and filmic potential of going engineless. This experience produced the first shoots of the project, which grew into a sibling collaboration of multiple proportions.

co-producer & sailor

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Rose Ravetz

Rose’s first sailing experience was crossing the Atlantic Ocean at age nineteen, having left home with a dream to travel. She spent four years on various ocean crossings and adventures, eventually reaching New Zealand, from where she then sailed back to Europe as a professional crew on the famous classic schooner, Atlantic. Since her return, she has worked professionally for sail-cargo initiatives and sail-training charities, and as a traditional rigger on museum ships including the Cutty Sark and HMS Gannet. She owns her 23ft engineless boat, Defiance, which she restored herself. Rose is now studying for a BA in Philosophy and Sustainability, continuing her explorations into how humanity can redeem its relationship with the natural world. Wind, Tide and Oar came about when Rose shared her knowledge of sailing with her land locked brother, Huw.

sound mix and additional design by

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Simon Connor

Simon Connor, based in Manchester, UK, is a sound designer and composer, as well as a lecturer in Music Technology at the University of Salford. His primary focus lies in exploring the intersections between sound design and composition, where he merges found sound, field recordings, and traditional instrumentation. Simon's recent work Oden saw him working with members of the BBC Philharmonic and was featured on BBC Radio 3. He completed the sound mix for Wind, Tide & Oar; which builds upon Simon's previous collaborations with Huw, established in projects such as Action Space (2016) and The Republics (2020).

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