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Wind, Tide & Oar Book

Published by The New Menard Press, Wind, Tide & Oar the book takes us deep into the ever flowing dialogue between sailor, boat and the elements. Exploring what it means to sail 'engineless', this unique anthology offers a diverse range of first-hand seafaring narratives. These collected works address such themes as tradition, sustainability and self-knowledge, as well as adventures, dreams and ideals. We are invited to experience what it is to be in harmonious movement with the natural world and gracefully subject to its whims.


Jude Brickhill, Stevie Hunt, Mike Jackson, Artur C. Jaschke, Greg Powlesland, Wiebe Radstake, Emma Rault, Rose May Ravetz, Jessica Taggart Rose, Richard Titchener, Catharina Vergeer and Huw Wahl.


ISBN: 9789083384122

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